About Me


My name is Marleen van Meerendonk. Born and raised in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I made a lot of detours to eventually end up settling down in the Eindhoven area. I live there with my husband, son, dogs and a particularly strong-minded bird.

Being creative is a way of life, I can’t live without it.
In 2007 I started with scrapbooking. Now many years later I see myself as a Mixed Media girl who also likes to design digitally.  Now and then I design stencils (for Art Anthology) and stamps (for Unity Stamp Company).
I also felt, knit, crochet, sew and create jewelry.
My creativity works the best when I have no deadline. When my flow is going it can’t be stopped.

My work has been, more then once, published in 3 different Dutch magazines. I also was a member of the Ten Seconds Studio Design Team, the Art Anthology Dream Team and the StencilGirl Creative Team. From the beginning till the end of 2016 I was a Design Team member of De Craftorij.
At the moment I’m a member of the Art Anthology Dream Team!